The following radio stations can be played either on this page or in a popup window (by pressing the station name), which will enable you to play a station while browsing other web pages. There are a broad spectrum of Soul, R&B, Funk, Tamla Motown, Northern Soul, Southern Soul, Old School, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, and Dance Music sites featured here, most of which stream 24/7. Some of the stations operate as normal FM radio stations in their countries as well as on the Internet and some are Internet-only radio stations. Some stations have live DJ's throughout the day and others have pre-recorded content most of the time.

You can switch between stations and the one you are currently listening to will stop automatically once the other starts to stream. Likewise, you can play the stations in a popup window and pressing a new station name will replace the one currently playing in a popup. Also, you can switch between stations by pressing the station name in the right-hand column of any web page on

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